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Hi Everyone,

I snapped this picture when I was going to the Beach the other day in the Taxi guys car, touched up using Paint Shop Pro it seems to convey the feelings in Vietnam very well. She is a beautiful kid with a voice to melt your heart.

So I think its fitting that she somehow symbolises Vietnams future and growing prosperity. You cannot help but notice the stark contrast from very rich to very poor, although I have not in any way been pestered when I am out with local people or indeed even on my own you do not feel too intimidated. Sure, there are times when you feel as if your on the Moon and everyone is looking or glancing at you but thats kewl with me and as long as you are firm and respectful then things seem ok for now.

Lots of local people do however warn me about wallet snatchers etc etc etc which does have a tendency to make you feel paranoid, although safe is better than sorry.


Have done a lot more Temple visiting and only yesterday I was very fortunate to be in a Japanese Buddhist Temple when a very special visit occurred by the numero uno Priest. It was very reverential and Buddists from all over the world were also there including British, French and many others. The place quickly became jam packed and when I left about an hour or so later with my friend it was'nt far different from the recent Wilkinson rugby match to see everyone make a grab for our two seats.


I grabbed this shot of this huge Palm in the Saigon Zoo along with seeing the usual suspects of Elephants etc.


It is quite sad to see animals treated this way, but then again things do improve albeit slowly. It is very sad to see Puppy dog sellers on the roadside, you somehow just want to impersonate an RSPCA official and confiscate the lot or do a Rolfy Harris and somehow save them all. Even today, as I was driving along with my friend, I saw a large bowl with I guess 20 or so terrapins/tortoises in and you cannot help but feel like you should do something???

I set off tommorrow to Hanoi, capital of Vietnam and have booked a mini tour. So 3 days in Hanoi, them to Ha Long and Sapa and back to Saigon for a total of 8 days. I must confess that even though I packed so light, it is still far tooo much to carry especially in the heat & humidity here. So funds are going quicker than I hoped but I do not think I will have any problems with the food being sooo cheap.

I forgot to mention that my friends father who spoke English soo well actually gave me his most treasured two books, one was about the Vietnam War and the other was more about POW in VN I think. As he was almost totally blind, it was even more touching when he managed to write a nice dedication in each one.

They have all been a real bunch of nice people to me and I will try to get a picture of them all and post on the blog.



Anyway I best go now cos the clock is a ticking away. I have placed my £10 Skybet for Arsenal to thrash 'em 2-1 tommorrow and with any luck will see the game live in Hanoi.


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Hi Bro, So good to know that your really enjoying yourself, I bet it is a breath taking experience, it's great that we can read what you get up to. Take care, oh love all the pics.

Sis & Co., xxxxxx

by Swalk

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