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Sure as hell been awhile since I last wrote, despite all those promises to keep everyone updated everyday, the Internet is a slow and fickle beast here, particularly in Central Vietnam, Hoi An especially.

To say I have had a few good weeks would be an understatement. I made it to Campuchia, just, (Cambodia) and the infamous 'killing fields'. Visited grissly bone temples and villages where it seems that some of these massacres are very deeply instilled in everyones psyche. Must surely be equivalent to the Nazi gas chambers and the horrors that go with that.... these things can never be and should never be forgotten.


Got there via a bone crunching motorbike taxi for the last 100Km's or so and a relatively comfortable bus/coach. Roads in many parts are diabolical & even though you try to sleep, (not on the bike, of course) the best you can achieve is a type of Zen state where the pain in your butt & other places somehow ceases to make it to your brain as the self-induced hypnotism takes over. Take it from me, a 100k on the back of a bike is really really no fun & although bight & breezy it is also mind numbingly sweltering hot & humid, especially the minute after you stop.

And as I mentioned earlier. I have been along the coast of Central Vietnam and have to say that Hoi An has to be my favourite place so far, though Vung Tau in the south takes some beating.



( The above few paras were written a few/couple of weeks ago now... tsk tsk tsk!!! & so the next few paras are more relevant)

It is really interesting to note the amount of people taking an interest in my trip from work & other places, (Thanks Simon) & the hits on the blog have nearly made it to the 1500 mark. I hope that when & if the time comes that you can have a sabbatical, that my travels could inspire you to do a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

So...... I have now also made it to 'Nha Trang' on the coast & this is so gobsmakkingly beautiful, words nor pics can do justice to this place. I thought I had seen the best, but this takes the cake for me.
I finally succumbed here & tried the local massage, :) ;) :)
OK!!! I'm being frankly utterly honest here. This was the all frills but clean massage... though it has to be said I can easily see & understand why you can go the whole hog, but I just enjoyed the essential process & have to say it was more than great.
Steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzy etc etc women walking on your back as they hang off ceiling bars.... amazing how you can take pleasure in being walked on.


Oh!!!! and the best bit for me was the after effects / pampering etc where you are further indulged by having your ears dewaxed, shaved, etc, torture at the time & I'm told a little dangerous, but so good to hear again.


Anyway after Nha Trang I made it to the famous Dalat mountain region in central Vietnam and where you are about 1500-2000 metres up and where it is about 15*-20* cooler. Very picturesque, beautiful and lots to see and do. Everything grows easily here and the fruit and veg is the best around.


I have now booked the ticket back via Malaysia Airways and I have quite a long stopover in Kuala Lumpar, so may just have enough time to bungee off the Petronas Towers. www.petronastwintowers.com

Take it easy & hope to see you all soon in 2008. :))





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At last, we have some more news. We were getting quite worried & thinking all sorts of things! but, we should not have worried because it looks as though & sounds as though you were & hopefully still are having the time of your life!, It all looks so beautiful but, we can only imagine how it was standing near to all those skulls & wondering exactly what it would have been like at that time. Perhaps you will get to bungee junp, we will have to wait & see. Whatever happens, keep in touch & take care of yourself & hope to see you real soon, Luv Sis & Co., xxxxx

by whates

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