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Last Week

Spooky feeling about Impending Trip

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Hiii all,

So Here it is - The Last Week at work ~~~ almost scary.

So here I am on Thursday 1st Feb, twiddling my thumbs, ( same as normal really) and wondering when the email will be back up an running.

I need to set my 3 months AWAY message and if I don't I guess i'd have to stay in LBG an cancel the Sabbatical. hahahaha!!!!!


Anyway just to keep all those geeks and Nerds who have nothing better to do than wonder why I have not posted yet..... (Ian ???) here at last is my first Post....

Everyone here is moaning about do this Lee or do that Lee.... Jeez Christ am I going to miss everyone so much.

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>>>~_-* Back Home Again *-_~<<<

There & back again

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Hiiii Everyone,



They say all "Good things must come to an end" and whoever it was needs shooting because its so bloody obvious and so bloody irritating, especially when it happens to you.

Still I have to admit I have been so dammed lucky to have had the opportunity to have done this. Thanks in great part to my employers, the London Borough of Greenwich, (LBG), having granted me a Sabbatical leave from work.
Which simply means that anyone who works for more than 20... YES!!! ... TWENTY years is allowed 2 months off with full pay. It is a really great perk and yet you do have to show true commitment and loyalty to them in return.

However, LBG due to a nationwide equalities policy called "Single Status", rather than showing true value to all their employees and keeping the Sabbatical as part of the Terms and Conditions of employment they have taken the easy option of now stopping anyone from benefitting from this very rewarding, 'chance of a lifetime' perk.

I hope the Unions can help persuade them otherwise as otherwise many employees will not be so lucky as me and unable to experience Life to its fullest.

Seems as if LBG are merely thinking of the pennies rather than the true welfare of its Staff.

To keep the 'Sabbatical' for all staff would show exceptional valuing of its employees and be a Beacon to other authorities about how to foster goodwill and relations.

Anyway, enough of my moaning as I'm sure you've more important things to do.

So I arrived back in good old England on the 25th April and was duly ensconced back at my deak the following Monday where the reality hits home that its al over.

No More Trekking - No more Adventures, I thought to myself. Its all finitoed and finished.

Loadsa wonga, loadsa fun, loadsa hassles, loadsa memories.
Jeez I would'nt have missed it fot the World and given the chance I would set off again tommorrow.

To all the kind and caring people I met and I met many, I say a huge Thanks and hopefully one day our paths will cross again.

Take care and remember this adage when travelling, it may just bring you a pleasant surprise.


"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good things, therefore, that I can do, any kindness that I can show a fellow being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again"




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