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Saigon ~ Here we are

Melt Down

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Hi 1 & all,

Finally made it after quite an exhausting journey really.
My short stopover in Singapore was very tantalising and I'm really keen to revist this as it looks sooo amazing.

As you'd guess my co-travellers on plane 1 from H'row to Singapore was the retired old friendly couple called Ted & Alice who regalled me with their travelling stories in seriously heavily overtoned hallitosis flavours throughout. Rather sweet at times. He being the ex-fireman was a barrel-chested chappie who really needed a seat and half-a-wing to accomodate himself, thus ensuring my misery was quite complete with only 20" of the 26" (approx) being available to me.


The second half of my trip was very good & I soon arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, where it took a good hour to get through immigration. God !!! your made to feel as if your smuggling a half kilo of something in even though your obviously not, but all the same shades of "Midnight Express" was everywhere. The luggage hall was a total riot with staff frantically throwing bags eveywhere to stop it all jamming up because everyone was taking forever in immigration !!!. I soon spotted my bag and quickly recovered me ole trusty backpack off the floor and was off. leaving all in the wake shouting and hollering????

Straight into the very hot furnace outside and the heat and humidity slams into you, Jeez no way you can ever prepare for this. Quite a few people desperate to grab your bag and make you get into their cabs ensure you move on past all for awhile. Gey your breath and jump into a nice clean looking cab and ask for Hotel whawteveritsnameis please and as your realise you have'nt haggled and are probably gonna have to pay him half ½ your sabbitical allowance in 1 cab-ride do you enquire and are assured when he says a nummber that seems to have 26 zero's but feel comforted that this is about 5 quid.

So after safetly arriving in HCM itself, my first stop was the shower where I became recivillised and chilled.

Next day I managed to meet up with some dudes from Warrington who gave me some nivce pointers a to where I should and should not go / avoid and various other things of value from a surviving point-of-view. They were going to one of the many museums glorifying the VN War so this is where i met the atrocities that were inflicted on this whole Nation indiscriminately by the proud ole USofA. You cannot stand and see some of the exhibits without tears in your eyes as it is very graphic and totally shows the brutallities and waste that Wars are all about.
No Winners


Anyway on this chillin note i will test this out and post to all and I hope you all get it ok.

I will catch you all again real soon.


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Further sightseeing

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Well, I find it hard to believe that I have been here now over 2 weeks. Feels like 2 months really and its so nice to know I have many weeks still to go.

Yesterday I took it easy and toured around Saigon in general. The Presendential Palace was quite pleasant and it seems quite scary see the tanks still there that actually rolled through the gates back in 1975.

However, I then took a trip across the Saigon River to one of many, I understand, of Ho Chi Minhs Palaces. This was really very nice and informative although being Tet not very busy which was nice for me.
(TeT is chinese New Year).


Then went to a famous 19th century Temple. This is quite amazing and overpowering, you feel a quite humbled really and it is nice to make an offering to win that Lottery or Nirvana or whatever you so desire.

I thought you would like to see what $4½ a day can buy you in terms of room space.


Amazing really...:)

So as i gotta quite a stonking hangover from too much mixing of Vino last night I'll catch up with you all later.

Ciao & take care

(Off to Hanoi this Sunday.)

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